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         DW Landscape, Inc.  
           Quality and excellence in landscape services  
Landscape Maintenance
-Turf mowing, edging, string line trimming,
    blowing, vacuuming, fertilizing & pest /
    weed management.
-Natural pruning, formal shearing, Fertilizing &
    Pest management to optimize growth
    flower color.
-Quarterly change outs to optimize color.
Arbor Care
-Tree Maintenance per ISA Standards-
    We do not top, so please don’t ask.
-Tree Health and fertilizers. Growth
    regulators keep the trees exactly
    the way you want with no trimming
    for up to 5 years!
-Certified Arborist #7340A
Landscape-Pro Design
- Before and after pictures help vizualize the
    end product prior to spending a dollar!

- Assures we are creating your vision for
    your property.
Installation and Repair
-Your design or ours we can help create
    your perfect Oasis.
-Upgrade your existing landscape
   a) Entries
   b) Marketing windows
   c) Paths of travel
   d) Where your clients visit.
Integrated Pest Management
Pest Management
   - Gophers,
   - Squirrels,
   - Pigeons,
   - Insects,
   - Ants, etc.
   - Weed control.
Water Audits
- Central Control Systems
   (maintenance and installation)
- Smart Controller installation,
    set up and monitoring
- Water Audits, Recommendations,
    Upgrades and water saving potential
- Weekly maintenance and repair to
    optimize every drop of water
- Good water management keeps plants
    from insects and disease damage.
Pressure Washing
Before... After...
  Our pressure washing service can make and maintain those high traffic areas looking like new. We offer daily, weekly and monthly schedules.  
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License # C27 C61/D49-997627
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